Thursday, 23 May 2013

Jonathan wins Fitness Personality in Fitness Competition‏

Jonathan wins Fitness Personality in Fitness Competition

Jonathan Erskine-Nartey, 33 has done it again after competing for the 5th time as Male Fitness Model in Physique Of The Week (POTW) Live! 2013 Fitness competition in a total of five hundred competitors including other six finalists: Aaron Daley, Scott Milne, Daniel Joseph, Melissa Harding, Nicole Cowan, Lucy Walton and other Athletes gracing the stage with their amazing physiques that they really worked hard for, even the competition was fierce, there was a lot of respect amongst the athletes at the UK’s biggest fitness expo in Bodypower Expo, Birmingham NEC Arena and won ‘Fitness Personality Of The Day’ in Sunday Finals, last month with £500 cash prize courtesy of Protein Discount Card, earning his 1st cash prize achievement in his Fitness Modelling career.

 Winner: Jonathan Erskine-Nartey receives his £500 cash prize

“I’m very honoured and proud of myself that I’ve taken part in most awesome event, meeting lots of positive, upbeat & friendly people, athletes as well meeting up familiar faces, having a great time with lots of fun. I loved it.” He said “At first, I was very worried about not fitting in Birmingham but I fit in perfectly, especially travelling to Birmingham by coach for my very first time in my whole life, I both loved and enjoyed the amazing experience at Bodypower so much that I’m coming back to compete again next year in Birmingham and keep my promise to lovely Joan Hoang from Birmingham Airport Visitor's Centre that I’ll be back next year.”

 Jonathan Erskine-Nartey competing in POTW Live! 2013 Fitness Competition

Miami Pro 2012 Mr. Personality Champion from last year’s Miami Pro European Championships show has been chosen as the person that Protein Discount Card Athletes feel brought the most entertainment and charisma to the competition from any of the finalists after making their weekend even more exciting, as he puts a smile on every single person faces in very huge crowd, judges included, lots of people couldn’t stop smiling and was loving his lovely attitude & personality.

He said “I honestly got admit that all the effort putting in with various workouts in the gym & outdoors from the weight training, cardio, as well having very strict, clean nutrition with lots of vegetables, monounsaturated fats, complex carbohydrates & protein is definitely worth it! Not only having very lean & toned Athletic body, it also life changing experience and the list of opportunities are completely endless!” He says “Like everything else, it’s very hard at first, but its gets easier while you’re keep on going with progression and definitely worth it in the end, as long you’ve got determination, motivation, dedication & perseverance. Hard work does pays off and your unreal results does shows as confirmation that you’re definitely on the right track and don’t stop whatever you’re doing! Lucky, I’ve got Jacob Nadav as my PT from LA Fitness, Highgate as well having the drive and unique personality as well”

Enormous crowd in Birmingham NEC Arena was congratulating the six-footer, as he most truly deserves the prize. Isn’t he really sweet of him giving his whole winnings to his mum, instead of spending all his prize money only on himself! He says “I want to say special thanks to POTW judges, as well POTW / Protein Discount Card Team especially Cassie Johnson, Rick Hall, Craig Abbott for offering me the amazing opportunity of taking part in POTW Live! 2013 as well being most helpful, supportive, giving out advice, words of encouragement, making my 1st time experience in Birmingham very special and Chris Bailey for capturing awesome photos with the most wonderful & happy memories that I never ever forget especially my best special moment. Also, I want to say thanks to Angie Weston and Miami Pro staff, if it weren’t for her and Miami Pro from the beginning, I wouldn’t be where I’m now. But mostly thanks to Angie Weston for offering me ‘opening the doors’ opportunity and platform allowing me to make a name for myself within Fitness industry.”

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